Good Friday – What is its Significance?

Good Friday – What is its Significance?

Good Firday
What is the significance of Good Friday? Is it just about the death of Jesus? Is it about the pain the man went through just to prove a point?

Well, we can’t really say much but it’s actually simple but at the same time very complex.

Good Friday is all about LOVE. The GOD kind of LOVE. No better kind of LOVE is available or better in the world today. Only the GOD kind of LOVE will instigate changes that will shake the world in a way that is totally mind-blowing.

Crucifixion is still the most painful kind of death anyone can go through. But imagine that and be in pain before that.

On the other hand, Good Friday also shows how evil the heart of man can become. It gives us a sense of what to expect from a fellow man yet also tells us how to react and treat the situation. The world is almost pitiful at the moment but nothing happening hasn’t happened before. The heart of man has always and will always be wicked, till the end of the earth. We are to respond with LOVE.

We receive hate, death, and hell but yet give out LOVE because we are better than what we get. Our heart speaks LOVE, our saviour speaks LOVE, therefore LOVE should come out of us.


This is what GOOD FRIDAY signifies.

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